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DIY: Create your own brushes!

03 Sep Posted by in Design, DIY | Comments

Creating a brush is by far one of the easiest and most useful trick up the Photoshop sleeve. With this tool you can do a lot of things, from simplifying the task of watermarking your work to creating sick photo edits. Look no further than your own imagination and let the creative works begin!

Step 1: Look for a picture you like, or create a shape that you need on a white canvas of Photoshop.

In a white Photoshop canvas of about 600 x 600px, start designing what your brush will be. Keep in mind that brushes are often made in grayscale since white turns into transparent.

 scrn1 blog DIY: Create your own brushes!

We’re in the mood for hanging out at the beach, so let’s create a beach brush set! To create a set of brushes that will transport us from the city to the sand and sun, we will include a pail, a starfish, a surfboard and the hashtag #welovethebeach.

First, look for a picture of a starfish that you like, we will use this one:

 starfish2 DIY: Create your own brushes!

Step 2: Crop the photo, in order to just have the starfish as part of the brush. Then go to Edit > Define Brush Preset.

 scrn2 blog DIY: Create your own brushes!

Step 3: Name your newly created brush and: Done! Now open the Brush Gallery, and the last brush in the list will be the one you’ve created.

scrn3 blog DIY: Create your own brushes!

scrn4 blog DIY: Create your own brushes!

Do the same for the surfboard and the hashtag #welovethebeach. At the end the result will be something like this:

scrn5 blog DIY: Create your own brushes!

Since we’re not going to be able to drive to the beach right now, we’ve decided to use it in a picture of our own office and imagine that we are indeed there!

20140902 154647 DIY: Create your own brushes!

Hope you liked this easy-to make but yet super useful tutorial on how to create your own brushes. Tell us a creative way to use them, we’d love to know!


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