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July, 2017  // Posts published in July, 2017

20 Jul Posted by in SEO, Web Content | Comments

SEO 101

Written by Kiersten Leone, Content Intern at MSM DesignZ.  How come your embarrassing pictures from 2008 are on the first page of Google, but the business you started in 2016  is on the third page? You can thank what’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for that. Here at MSMDesignz, we are SEO experts. Every once...


05 Jul Posted by in Personal Branding | Comments

Personal Branding: 5 Tips to Consider

Written by: Kiersten Leone, Content Creator Intern at MSM DesignZ. Personal branding is imperative this day in age. It provides leadership opportunities, rewarding partnerships, steady clients, greater credibility, and even gives your company a higher perceived value. Everyone has a brand they are trying to convey, and if not they should. Put your best foot...